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IDFC First bank Loan| Instant Loan App| Bank Loan app

 IDFC First bank Loan| Instant Loan App| Bank Loan app

So welcome guys to a new blog post of cryptofinanceinfo, In this post we will get to know about an instant loan app. This loan app is provided by IDFC first bank. You must have heard this bank’s name as it has many branches all over the country and is known for its finance services that this bank provides to its customers all over the country. This bank also provides instant personal loan to the people without any hesitation and freely . In this post we will get to know that how this app provides instant personal loan in just few clicks sitting at your home without doing much work and going anywhere.

What is IDFC Instant loan ?

So Now we will know that what is this loan app and how this loan app provides loan to its users. This loan app is provided by the IDFC bank as you have heard the name of the bank. This app has over 4.3 rating over the Google playstore platform . This app has over 1 crore downloads on the platform across the country which is very very large number by far. This app is also RBI registered NBFCs. The IDFC instant loan app provides loan on EMI at very low rate of interest . IDFC loan app also provides many loan offers and can pay the loan amount at the fixed time. So lets get the whole idea of this app that how it works and what are the whole criteria to apply for the loan.

Benefits of IDFC Instant loan App:

The first thing that comes into mind of any user is that what are the benefits that this loan app provides to take the loan. Some of the benefits of IDFC loan app are as follows:

·        The loan can be repayed in the form of EMIs which is a quite good feature.

·        There are many top ups available for the loan in IDFC loan app.

·        The tenure rate is quite flexible in IDFC .

·        The processing fee is quite low that is around 3 %.

IDFC First bank Loan Amount:

Now heading to the other point of this app that is the loan amount. Now we will get to know that what are the minimum and the maximum loan amount provided by IDFC first bank instant loan app.This loan app easily provides a minimum of rs. 20,000 of loan to the maximum of about rs.75 lakh . This loan amount provided by the app depends on many factors such as the profile of the person and may more things.

Interest rate of IDFC First instant loan app:

One of the important thing to keep in mind while applying for any kind of loan whether it is instant loan, home loan, gold loan etc. is to know that what is the APR that is the interest rate of the loan. The interest rate of IDFC first loan app is quite flexible. The interest rate of this loan app ranges from 11 % to 28 % in which all the term and conditions are there.

Tenure rate of IDFC First instant loan:

So if you have reached till here then you must also know that what is the tenure rate that is provided by IDFC First instant loan app. The time for which you borrow the sum of loan is called the tenure rate. It differs from bank to bank . The tenure rate provided by IDFC first loan app is 6 months to 60 months that is 5 years.

Features of IDFC First loan app:

Now getting over to the main features that this instant loan app by IDFC provides t its users are:

1.      The person can check the loan status of his/her.

2.      The user can download the statements in case required.

3.      The person can calculate the EMIs of the loan pending.

4.      You can easily repay the loan .

5.      There is also auto repayment system in this IDFC first loan app.

6.      There are many loan offers in this IDFC loan app.

IDFC First loan app Eligibility:

So the eligibility plays an important role for anyone to apply for the loan . Thus the eligibility criteria for IDFC first bank instant loan app are given below:

1.      The First and foremost thing to keep in mind while applying for the loan is that you must be a citizen of India otherwise there is no chance for you to apply for the loan.

2.      The age of the person must be above 23 years, so if you are lower than 23 the this app is not for you you can try some other apps which we have discussed earlier .

3.      The third thing of the eligibility is that your location must be in the place where you can avail the service provided by this bank easily otherwise it will be of no use.

Documents Needed for IDFC First Instant loan app:

The documents needed to apply for the instant loan from IDFC loan app are :

·        The person must have his/her own ID proof within him/her.

·        The ID proof like Aadhar card and the PAN card is mandatory so keep in mind to use these proofs while applying for the loan.

·        In case if needed, there is also need of the bank details, bank statements, address proof, salary slips and many more.

How to Apply for loan in IDFC First bank loan app?

So now coming to the end we are here to discuss that how you can apply for the loan in this app. Keep in mind that there are several loan apps of the IDFC first bank but the one we have mentioned above is the original app so take care. This loan app can provide you many loan like home loan , business loan, study loan and many more. So the steps to apply for the loan ae:

·        Download the IDFC first bank Instant loan app from Google Play store.

·        Now register yourself with the mobile number and fill the OTP.

·        Now fill all the personal details required and complete the KYC process.

·        Now chose the loan amount and apply for the loan .

·        If you are eligible for the loan then the loan will be approved within a day or instantly so have patience.

·        Once the loan is approved the loan amount Is directed your bank account.

So these were all the details related to IDFC first bank instant loan app, hope you liked the post , till then see you bye.

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