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Rapid Rupee Personal Loan App|New Loan App India|Rapid Rupee Loan App Details

 Rapid Rupee Personal Loan App|New Loan App India|Rapid Rupee Loan App Details

Rapid Rupee loan app

If you are also in search of an instant personal loan then you are at the right place because here we bring a new loan app which provides you not only instant personal loan but also all kinds of loans like business loans, home loan , education loan ,student loans, gold loan etc. The loan app which we are discussing today is the Rapidrupee loan app. This Loan app provides its users instant personal loan within no time and does not demand any type of collateral or security from its users. This loan can easily provide you loan in less then 15 minutes that makes this app a better loan app than others. If you are having any doubt against this loan app then don’t worry we will clear it all in the article below so make sure to read the article :

What is Rapid rupee Loan app?

So most of you have heard this app name and most of you might not. So don’t worry I will tell all about this Rapid rupee Loan app in this article. This App is very trusted by people because it has a rating over 4.3 on the google play store and I you don’t know then a rating above 4 is considered very good. You can also check the reviews of this loan app. This Loan app has over 10 lacs plus of downloads on the Google play store. This app also provides advance salary instant loan to the customers. This app do not demands any membership fees.

Rapid Rupee Loan app tenure rate:

This Loan App Provides loan amount instantly for a good duration of time. The tenure rate has a major impact on people because it helps the customers to repay the loan amount easily on time. Thus the tenure rate of This Rapid rupee loan app vary from 61 days to 365 days that is 2 months to 1 year.

Rapid Rupee Loan amount :

Now we will discuss the amount of the loan that this Rapid rupee loan app provides to the people. The users mostly demands in thousand in terms of the instant personal loan. So this loan app also provides loan amount which the people mostly demands. The Loan Amount this app vary from rs. 1000 to Rs. 60,000. Thus you are also in need of loan which vary from 100o to 60k rupees the you must go ahead.

Rapid Rupee Loan app Interest rate:

Talking about the interest rate, so this is the most crucial thing that most of the people want to know. This is also known as APR that is annual percentage rate. This rapid rupee loan app provides loan on the annual interest rate . The interest rate vary from 12 % to 35.9% per annum . You can also avail loan from this app as low as 1 % of interest rate per month.

So this was the interest rate that This Rapid Rupee loan app demands from the people.

Types Of Loan in Rapid Rupee Loan app:

So now if you are looking for another kind of loan rather than this then you must read the types of loan that this loan app provides to its users. These different loan types are:

  1. Instant personal loan for salaried persons.
  2. Loan in cash.
  3. Small Personal Loans.
  4. Self employed or non salaried persons loans.

Rapid Rupee Loan App Eligibility criteria:

Lets talk about the eligibility criteria of the Rapid rupee Loan app. These eligibility criteria is must for anyone who wants to apply for the loan in this app . These criteria are as follows:

  1. The first important thing is that the person must e Indian resident, if he is based out of India then he must use other loan apps this is not for them.
  2. There is also age criteria to apply for the loan as like other loan apps. The minimum age required is 22 years and the maximum age required is 59 years.
  3. This Loan can be applied by both salaried and non-salaried person but the main criteria to that is that the person must have atleast a monthly income of Rs. 10,000.

So these were the eligibility criteria to apply for the loan in Rapid Rupee Loan app.

Documents Required for Rapid Rupee Loan App:

Heading towards the other important thing that the applicant must keep in mind are the documents. The documents although required are very less but they are required to some extent as for the verification of the applicant . So the Documents required to Apply for the personal loans through Rapid Rupee loan App are as follows:

  • The person must have his/her Aadhar card.
  • The applicant must have his/her PAN card.
  • All the mandatory KYC documents are needed.
  • There is also need of the applicant’s selfie for the verification of the person.
  • Some bank details are also required while applying for the loan.

So now dome with the documents, lets head towards the last and most important thing of the article.

How to Apply Loan In Rapid Rupee Loan app?

Rapid Rupee loan app

So now if you wonder how to apply for the loan in rapid rupee loan app then do read these following points it will help you to know more . The steps to apply for the loan is online so lets start:

  1. The applicant must firstly download the app from google play store by searching Rapid Rupee Loan app.
  2. Now register yourself by making a new profile of your own.
  3. Now chose the loan offer if available or chose the loan amount which you want.
  4. Apply for the loan by uploading all the KYC documents, Personal details and bank details.
  5. Now if all the steps are done apply for the loan. The loan approval takes 15 to 30 minutes .
  6. After that you will receive a message regarding if you are eligible for the loan or not.
  7. If you are then the loan amount will be directed to the mentioned bank account in The Rapid Rupee loan app.

This this was the new loan app which provides personal loans instantly if you want to know more about personal loans, home loans, gold loans then do comment. Till then bye bye.

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