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StuCred-Student Loan App|Student Loan App 2022|New Student Loan app|Std loan app

StuCred-Student Loan App|Student Loan App 2022|New Student Loan app|Std loan app

Student Loan app

If you are a student and looking for an instant loan then this loan app is definitely is surely for you. This loan app is very famous among students as it is widely used among the students in india. This loan app provides short term loan to the students. The student can get loan anytime and anywhere. This loan provides loan in very low time and processing fee. This loan app is an interest free app . This loan app provides loan with  no security. If you are also in college and struggling to get a loan or don’t have enough money to pay for the expenses in the college then this loan app can help you very much. Lets talk about this loan app.

What is StuCred Loan App?

This loan app as mentioned is widely used among the students as if you are a student then you must also have heard of this  Stucred loan app. This loan app has over 5 lakhs plus downloads over the google play store. The loan app has a good rating on the google playstore. This app has a rating over 4.6 on the google playstore. If you don’t know what a 4.6 rating means then for you info a rating over 4.5 then the app is considered very good.

StuCred Loan amount:

Lets talk about the minimum and the maximum loan amount that this student loan can provide to all the students. This app provides loan amount for a short term and a decent amount of loan is provided. The minimum amount of  loan thst this stucred app can provide is rs. 1000 and the maximum amount of loan that this stucred loan app can provide is rs. 10,000. Thus if you are a college student then this app can surely work for you if you are willing to get this decent amount of loan.

Stucred Loan app Interest rate:

Lets get to know about the interest rate that this loan app provides to the students. You will be very very amazed to know the interest rate that this Stucred loan app provides to its students. This app can provide an interest rate of as low as 0% to its students. Yes, this stucred loan app provides 0% loan to the students if you want any money from this app.

Stucred Loan App tenure rate:

This Student loan app provides loan for the short term period. This loan app has a very much craze among the students if you are especially from the college. This loan app provide tenure rate of maximum of 90 days. That is this loan app can provide loan upto 3 months.

Processing fee of StuCred Loan App:

Lets talk about the hidden charges which most of the people want to know. Yes this is the processing fee . This fee is very attractive. The processing fee of stucred loan app is nearly about 6%.

Thus with this as low processing fee every student must be willing to take the loan from this Stucred loan app.

Stucred loan app features and benefits:

So if you are a college student then this a must to know for all of you. If you know what are the features and the benefits that this student loan app provides then you will be surely getting more fun . Lets talk about these:

  1. The interface of this app is easy to use.
  2. The loan repayment method are very easy.
  3. This loan app has the feature to expand the credit limit.
  4. The customer service of this stucred loan app is available 24*7.
  5. The lowest interest rate of 0% is available here for the students.
  6. Loan approval within no time.
  7. Online process to apply for the loan.
  8. Loan approval with no paperwork.
  9. Easy short term loan in Stucred loan app.

So my friend these were the main features and the benefits of this Stucred loan app.

StuCred Loan app eligibility criteria:

So you will not be able to take the loan if you do not know anything about the eligibility of this stucred loan app. The eligibility of any app will allow you to know that if you can apply for the loan or not. So if you are to apply for any kind of loan from any app then make sure that the loan app eligibility is known by you. The eligibility of Stucred loan app are as follows:

  • The person or the applicant must be an Indian. If you are not Indian or based out of india then make sure to use any other app for taking the loan because this loan app will not help you.
  • You age must be atleast 18 years or above. As this is a student loan app then it is must that the age of the applicant must be at least 18 years otherwise forget that you will be enjoying the loan amount.
  • If you are student then you must have your student ID with yourself.
  • The person must have an email ID.

StuCred Loan app documents needed:

Without the documents no one has ever applied for the loan because documents are an important part for taking the loan because it approves the verification of the person. So If you want to apply in this stucred loan app then be sure that you must have these documents . these documents are as follows:

  1. The person must possess valid ID proofs.
  2. The ID proofs like Aadhar card and PAN card are mandatory.
  3. The student who is applying for the loan must have his/her student ID.
  4. All the KYC documents are needed for verification.
  5. Selfie can also be needed.
  6. Bank details of the applicant is must .

So these were the documents that one must have while applying for the loan in Stucred Loan app.

StuCred Loan Apply Process:

Student Loan app

Lets get to know about the process to how to apply for the loan in Stucred loan app. The steps are very simple and there is no need of paperwork to apply for the loan. The app is easy to use and anyone can apply for the loan through this stucred loan app and get 0% loan in an Instant. These simple steps are:

  • Download the app from Google play store.
  • After that make your new profile.
  • Now chose the loan amount or any loan offer if available.
  • Now apply for the loan by filling all the personal details.
  • Upload all the mandatory KYC documents.
  • Apply for the loan and wait till you get the approval.
  • After the loan approval you will be good to go and enjoy the loan amount in your bank account.

So this is how you can apply through the stucred loan app for any personal loan.

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